GXD Deep Sea

Your Deep Sea cargo shipped to any destination worldwide, GXD will find a safe route, select the right shipping line and the equipment which best suits your shipment. We help with all of the documents required and track right through to arrival.

GXD Logistics Deep Sea Import/Export Service

Tired of being let down with deliveries of your Deep Sea Imports and exports? Tired of getting the wrong information from the carrying shipping line? Do you get frustrated at the delays over which you have seemingly no control? Confused over the different charges levied by each shipping line and getting demurrage and unexpected charges? Well there is something you can do; here are five reasons to appoint GXD Logistics as your Import and Export Forwarder…

  1. GXD are an independently managed business, we are dedicated to providing you with a quality service with clear and competitive costs. We offer you flexibility and can arrange shipments on terms from ex. works your supplier or premises, named UK port or any worldwide destination.
  2. When shipments go wrong in the import/export process, we tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. We aim to catch the next vessel to help control your costs and minimise and delays or demurrage charges.
  3. We put things right, we track Your cargo, the container, the equipment used, the vessel, the ETA UK port, the discharge, the customs clearance and the delivery date to you or your customer.
  4. GXD will assist you in submitting documents required for your export transport and UK clearance, preparing those requested by your customer and the relevant authorities. We can help you to interpret the requirements of Letter of Credit with means you will be paid quicker with minimum amendments. At GXD we will chase documents required for clearance and release for you; we will assist with the process of VAT and Duty payments, whether you have a deferment account or wish to pay on entry.
  5. GXD will monitor your final delivery or your shipment up to the Port of discharge; you get an email @ 16.00hrs on the day of delivery/arrival confirming completion and your invoice will be clear and concise will all charges as agreed, with no surprises.

Have we convinced you? We hope we have at least got you attention; we have a track record of excellent service in this area with satisfied customers who will testify to all of the above. How do you start? Do you need more information or have some questions to ask? Just call us now on 01482 270790 and we can arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements. Every customer and their products need a tailored package and GXD will provide you with just that, we look forward to your call.